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Tamigachi on Oct 02, 2020

I purchased & received this charged it for 5hrs, Used it on my matted shorkie (she hadn’t been groomed in a while), the clippers did awesome and so did she. The noise and vibration is very low, she just hated it by her ears which I closed to lessen the noise/vibration until I had to do the inside. It held exactly an hour, couple minutes towards the end of the hour it started to get lower in power and noise then finally cut off.

Jackie on Sep 25, 2020

I LOVE this little dog clipper. I have always had poodles and have always groomed them myself. Tiny toy poodles.
This clipper is very quiet, which is epic because it keeps the dog a lot calmer. It cuts wonderfully and has lots of
attachments for cutting control. I charged it overnight and then today I groomed my little cutie.

Easy to control for rookie dog groomers!
Darren Luong on Sep 21, 2020

This made my red mini poodle’s first haircut a breeze! My wife was even able to copy the Japanese poodle cut with these grooming tools ????! The grooming salon would have charged us 5x’s the price for our dog’s haircut!

Low noise and minimal vibration.
Elisha on Jul 08, 2020

My rescue dog has to wait to be washed till all healed up from being fixed. Used plugged in when it arrived. I was trying to use the scissors to trim around his mouth and he may have been snipped before because it was making him jumpy so I switched to the clippers and then moved on to shaving him he fell asleep in my lap as I shaved him.

This clipper set also helps to prevent and manage your pet’s skin problems, improve its blood flow. Grooming our pets is also one of the most essential aspects of pet ownership.

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Precision motor grooming kit with low vibration (the working noise is about 50dB) to minimize pet anxiety and make the experience enjoyable for your furry friend.

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